Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tino, Bye Bye....

The writing was on the wall.

Santino Quaranta was traded today by DC United to the LA Galaxy for a portion of a player allocation. I guess we get the guy's foot or something. We also seem to be getting a portion of another allocation from RBNY as they are signing the before mentioned Dema Kovalenko.

I am sorry to see Tino leave. I thought he would have been one of the future starting forwards for United. With Jaime maybe retiring after this season, I was looking forward to having Tino and Esky starting up front for United, with Fred and Gomito feeding them the ball at the start of next season. Even though he is 21, the kid has potential and a lot of time to mature into the role he was being groomed for. Unfortunately, everytime I looked at the injury list for United, he seemed to be holding down a spot. When he would come back from any of the bagillion injuries that he suffered from, he always seemed to look a little slower and less interested in the match.

The kid was great and hopefully Frankie West Coast (Yallop) will be able to change his perspective on things and get him back into form. If Tino returns to the form that everyone saw his rookie season, he could be fighting for a spot next Gold Cup, or for a Copa America spot, or continue onto a spot in 2010 qualifying. He has shown before that he can do it, lets hope he remembers.

Best wishes in Fantasy Land Tino.


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