Sunday, August 06, 2006

Quick Word - MLS All Star Game

MLS All Stars 1 - 0 Chelsea FC

A proper report of this match will be later.

The MLS "All Stars" looked better than I thought they would, with Donovan, Razov and Dempsey off the roster. The United players did really well, with Gros and Erpen going the distance. Dwayne De Rosario looked just as good as I expected, I hope Houston realizes how much he will be missed next season, as he with either be in the EPL or Toronto.

Good match, fun to watch, especially after several 22 oz. Boddington's at Summers.


Blogger smellycatsoccr10 said...

I was also at the game, had a great time watching so many players from the World Cup, although I was disappointed and concerned over Joe Cole's injury...

12:38 AM  

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