Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Next Season Broadcast issues.

I first saw this at DCenters, which provided the link.

Mid-Atlantic Soccer Reports has an interesting article that covers the impact of the new Baseball broadcasting situations for the Orioles and the Nationals and how they effect DC United and its regional viewership. Sounds like things might get a little muddled here in the future of Black & Red-land. Yet another reason baseball in the capitol is causing soccer problems.

I really don't think that this will be too much of a DC United problem. If United wins the MLS Cup, MLS will have a major interest in having its defending Champion on the flagship TV event of the season, the new ESPN2 Thursday night Soccer. If this happens, I can see MLS stepping in with MLB when the Nationals home schedule is worked out with RFK and United. Having DC United on prime time TV, with the full contingent of the United supporters singing away, flags waving and smoke bombs a' popping, will be the type of site that MLS wants on ESPN2. Not to say that the other clubs in the league don't have the passion that our supporters have, they are just mostly put in bad TV locations. The Screaming Eagles and Bara Brava are in a great TV location, along the sideline, instead of behind a goal. With that location, they always get full sized action shots, during the run of play, rather than 2 or 3 cut away shots from other stadiums. Promoting that type of passion and spirit at MLS matches is what will bring more people out to see MLS matches.

One thing I am hoping does come out of this new program is to avoid the type of lopsided scheduling that United are falling victim to right now. A more balanced home and away schedule would be a better situation for the club, and for its supporters. We were spoiled at the beginning of the season and now we are going through withdrawals. I am actually looking forward to seeing the Red Bulls, as it means I will be at RFK watching DC United again.


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