Friday, August 11, 2006

Home on the Range

MLS announced that Red Bull New York will have the ground breaking for their new 25,000 seat stadium on September 19th, 2006. Red Bull Park will be ready for the opening of the 2008 MLS Season.

Will they ever get 25,000 fans to a match that doesn't have Barcelona playing in it?

God I love America. Only in America do you have a club that has won 4 league championships, yet doesn't have a permanent home, but you have a club that has been the armpit of the league, and they get a stadium that will look like this. RBNY are the Arizona Cardinals of MLS.


Blogger Mr. Fish said...

To infer that RB fans are lucky with our stadium saga is a bit much. Six years of stadium lies and delays, and 10 seasons of losing, haven't made us feel so lucky.

I know the challenges that DCU is facing getting their home built, but I'd trade the spanking new RBP with run-down RFK & four MLS Cups in a heartbeat.

Love the blog, BTW. A link is forthcoming. Have a great weekend.

3:05 PM  

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