Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anyone's Guess or Still a Smokescreen

So far, the worst kept secret in US Soccer is that Jurgen Klinsmann "might" be the next coach of the USMNT. Will he or will he not? When will he or when will he not?

According to a post this morning on FSC.com, Jaime Trecker is saying yes and we will all be in on his info in the next two weeks, according to an un-named source. So Jaime says Jurgen inside two weeks.

Over on ESPNsoccernet.com, they say hold on! USSF has told them, again through an un-named source, that Gulati has not stopped collecting frequent flyer mileage and the USSF has not decided on a coach.

So who's un-named source has the better info? Why does this seem like a really lame episode of the "X-Files?" You know, the ones at the end when Duchovny left and the T-1000 was on with Scully? Where is Cancerman when we need him?

As far as I care now, I know that the USSF will name a coach by January 20th...maybe.


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