Monday, December 04, 2006

MLS a Trend setter?

Everyone's favorite blow hard, Sepp Blatter, has come out today to suggest that all of the major European club leagues switch the season schedules from the September to May schedule to a February to November schedule. MLS currently operates pretty much that very schedule, April to November. The Brazilian league does as well.

Blatter feels that the seasons remaining in a calendar year and giving the winter months off, would be beneficial to the players. He failed to mention how this would affect the FIFA cash cow, sorry, the World Cup. He did say that there could be a three week period between the seasons for international qualifiers.

He also touted the 6 plus 5 rule which requires clubs to field six players from the country that the club resides. Blatter feels that enforcing this rule would raise the level of play among nations that are getting swamped by foreign players. He also feels that this would assist in helping the supporters in identifying with the clubs.

Some times I think he talks just so he can hear his voice. The schedule would make some sense, but I think the current schedule is fine. I also want to know if FIFA would be willing to move the World Cup to the winter and if it was moved, how much money FIFA would lose from the Cup and the travel and weather conditions would potentially force supporters to stay home instead of traveling to the World Cup.


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