Monday, July 30, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 1 - 0 Club America

Ok, time to eat crow.

After the first SuperLiga match, I wasn't too thrilled with DC United, it's players or the coaches. I felt that the players had lost their heart and desire and played a very listless match against what should have been an easy opponent in Morelia. After two matches, I might be in the early stages of changing my attitude.

Unfortunately, due to attending a wedding Saturday night in Iowa, I was unable to get down to RFK for last nights victory over Club America. I did catch the match on the TV. I saw a huge difference in the Wednesday night match and the Sunday night match.

Our players started the match much better Sunday night, making better runs and causing problems for America's goalkeeper Armando Navarrete. Rod Dyachenko's 12 minute strike was a great team performance and is the type of brilliant flashes of light that keep people from saying dump Dyachenko.

Over all, I saw a much stronger DC United than the one on Wednesday night and a more composed and organized side. Our team defense was much better and our substituting helped kill off the match. It was a good result.

Marc Burch, IMHO, has staked his claim to the left back position. Over his last few starts, he has shown that he can hang with the rest of the guys and not get burned. Having him in a back line of Namoff, Boswell, & Vanney might do us well down the stretch in the MLS season.

DC United overall played much better. Their finishing remains something to work on, as I counted 4 separate sitters that somebody muffed on. Coach Soehn finally decided to use the subs (more likely a result of guys getting healthy rather than just deciding to sub guys out) which helped kill off the match. Rojas' red card, on TV, really didn't look that bad, not any worse than several of the other challenges in the match. I guess because he took the flying attack and had both feet ready to strike was the reason that Referee Carlos Batres gave him a straight red.

So now United sit on 4 points and are tied with Houston for the top spot in group B. As these two play each other Wednesday night, who advances out of group B could be interesting. If America drops Morelia, than both Houston and United advance with their current points. If Morelia defeats America and either Houston or United win on Wednesday night, Morelia and the winner Wednesday night advance. If United and the Dynamo draw & Morelia wins, then we probably need to call Stephen Hawking to have him figure out the tie breakers and such.

Good match last night, lets see more of that rather than most of what we have seen over the last few weeks.

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