Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 0 - 1 Houston Dynamo

That was pretty bad. DC United looked listless out on the field. It almost looked like there were 20 guys out there in Orange and about 7 guys in black. The guys in black looked like they didn't know how to pass with each other. It was a bad match.

It was good to see Jamie return to the field and once he did, United looked like a different team. The injection of Moreno gave United a controlling presence and a creative player that brought a new life into the side. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Bobby Boswell has now muffed two sitters in two straight games. Bobby, if you aren't going to hit the open shots, don't go forward. Send somebody else.

Now we all have to hope for a draw or an America win to ensure that we advance to the Semi Finals. In all honesty, I hope United doesn't advance. The club has more problems on its plate in the league right now. The club that performed admirably in the CONCACAF Champions Cup and through the month of May and June has disappeared. I really don't know what they are now.

One idea is that they are lacking the one thing that they had differently last year, which was a larger amount of discipline. Peter Nowak had these guys set in a much tighter structure; maybe it wouldn't hurt to start using some of that right now.

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