Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gunners Book Trip to Paris

Arsene Wenger and his club weather what looked like one helluva Villarreal storm to squeak out a 0-0 draw and have booked their spot in the 2006 Champions league Final in Paris on the 17th of May. Arsenal had something like 5 shots the entire match, 1 on goal. According to ESPN.com, Arsenal were only able to muster 38% of the possesion. This is one of those matches that Arsenal did just enough to get out with their scalp.

The biggest event happend right at the end of the match. The Referee awarded a penalty kick to Villarreal in the 89th minute, only to have Lehmann guess correctly and snuff out Riquelme's spot kick to save the draw. Wenger's head must have exploded when Lehmann saved the shot.

This saves Arsenal's season, really even if they don't get the title. However, if they do not win on the 17th and stay at their current location in the EPL table, they will be playing UEFA Cup play next season. Watch them pull a Liverpool and beat Barcelona or Milan, even better yet, down a goal or two.


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