Saturday, April 22, 2006

Liverpool Dump Blues from FA Cup.

No Domestic Double for Chelsea this season. Liverpool defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Old Trafford today in the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup, setting up a chance for silverware for Liverpool in probably the longest season that their players could have ever dreamed of. Chelsea now only has the EPL Championship to look forward to this season, which will bring up some questions in Roman's World.

Will Chelsea's owner see this season as a failure, sonsidering that they didn't make the Carling Cup Final, were dumped out of the Champions League in the 2nd Round by Barcalona, have just been dumped from the FA Cup and will only (a very important only) come away with their second straight EPL Championship. They also won the Community Sheild at the beginning of the season, but, doesn't match with the other awards they were in contension for this season. This match result today might have been the final nail in some of their players Chelsea careers.

Good for Liverpool to make it to the FA Cup Final this season. They can finish their season on a high note after recording one of the worst Champions League Title defenses in history. They should be the favorite for the FA Cup Final in Cardiff, even though I am a Manchester united supporter, I will be rooting for them in the Final.


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