Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MLS Notes

DC United vs. Celtic
The has a report on what to expect from the United line-up for the Celtic match tonight. Evidently Perkins is scratched from playing, which is good as he needs the rest. Moreno is at the Espy Awards, and will not be playing tonight. Bobby Boswell, while nursing a sore knee, wants to play 90 minutes, but that might not play into Peter Nowak's plan of using all 27 players available. Jamil Walker, "Mr. Pelvic Dysfunction" himself, will make his United return from that injury. Walker tried out for Celtic in 2004, so it should be good for him to get some time against them, maybe score on them?

Real Salt Lake get the stadium shaft, again. is reporting that the stadium issue for RSL just got muddled again, as the Salt Lake County Council voted down using county funds for construction developments for the infrastructure around the new RSL stadium.

When will this come to ahead and MSL steps in and moves them? Hopefully this will be an example for MLS. RSL was brought into the league with the plan in hand, but never really finalized. They should from here on out, require actual construction to begin, like in the case of Toronto FC.


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