Saturday, July 08, 2006

Germany Take Third

I find it funny that Harkes mistook Michael Schumacher for Oliver Berhoff.

So Germany, despite missing Ballack and starting some other players, most of whom saw their first World Cup action today, finished 3rd after defeating Portugal 3-1. Bastian Schweinsteiger was the hero of the match, missing out on a hat trick, getting 2 goals in the second half, both of them damn near the same shot.

Portugal pulled a goal back, and that was about the only thing they did today, execpt for falling all over the place, add to their World Cup record number of Yellow cards, and stand as Deco had the ball. Ronaldo was threatening, for 85% of the time he had the ball, the other 15%, he would flop and try and draw a foul. I said yesterday that Portugal should have a fire in their belly, well, they didn't. They really didn't even come out for much of the match, except when Figo got on. Oh well, for Germany's sake, I am glad I picked wrong.

It was an entertaining match, much better in the second half than the first. Figo looked good for his 12 minutes of play, getting the assist on the Portugal goal. I think he is done now with International play.

Now the Klinsmann now has to be the $6 million dollar man. The crowd were chanting his name, all of Germany must be chanting his name. Germany wants him back through the Euro 2008 tournament, it is rumored that the USSF will approach him. It might hinge on his wife and how she handles his travels. I doubt he moves to Germany, so his commute will still be hell if he stays with the Germany team.

I cannot believe that this tournament is almost over. Hopefully we all have learned something and now I look forward to getting back to club football full time.


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