Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend Preview - 7/7/2006

DC United Preview

DC United vs. Columbus Crew
Crew Stadium, Columbus, Ohio
7:30pm, 7/8/2006

United are on a 4 match win streak, which I believe will continue through the next two league matches. Those next two league matches are against the Crew, whom they destroyed 5-1 some time ago. Columbus are currently on a 4 match draw streak, and haven't won a match in 6 matches.

United is working at all the right parts, the main one being its defense. Olsen is back so he can help with some of the fatigue that might be hitting some of the other guys right now. Santino seems to be back as well, so he can help up front, possibly give Jamie a half off or such? Alecko is back as well, so he can start up front, and give Freddy more time back in the midfield.

United should pick up all three points from this match. I do not see the Crew finding any special way to crack out defense. Perkins will be tough in goal again.

Prediction: DC United 3 - 0 Columbus Crew

World Cup: Third Place Match
Germany vs. Portugal

I want Germany to win this match. Finishing third will vindicate them of their flop in Euro 2004. However, I am starting to think that with all of the injuries and changes that must be made due to injuries, that Germany might not be able to pull this one off. Portugal should have a fire in their belly's after they were "cheated" out of the final due to not getting a penalty when they felt they should have been granted one. Quit bitching guys, ok?

Prediction: Germany 1 - 2 Portugal

World Cup: Final
France vs. Italy

I really don't like France. I have never really liked France, this is due to the many times I visited their country while I lived in Belgium and never thought the French were very likeable. Then again, Americans can be shits too, so I probably should give the country one more try, yeah? Even though I don't like France...I want them to win. I want Zidane to get another World Cup and ride off into the sunset with another World Championship.

Italy should win though. I think that they have a better build and their forwards will be able to do more. France has a group of defenders that are strong, Barthez is an adventure the size of Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando. If Zidane plays as he did against Brazil and can hook up with Henry, then France will have a chance. However, the Italian defense won't allow that. I see Italy winning this on a set piece and maybe a counter, pretty much like they did against Germany.

Prediction: France 1 - 2 Italy


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