Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FIFA World Rankings - USA #23

Nope, I am not referring to Michael Jordan.

The USMNT dropped from #16 to #23 in the latest FIFA World Rankings. Should we even care? Hardly, if at all. These rankings don't really mean crap. They are alot more "normal" if that word can really be used when referring to FIFA, than the ones that were used before the World Cup.

One thing that we will have to remember is that the new rankings will leave a lasting impression on the USMNT, based on the Bruce Arena Legacy. The last 4 years results are what the rankings draw from, and the policy that the USSF and Arena had of playing mostly at home and against mostly CONCACAF sides, will make the US slide down the rankings. This will affect the draw for the next World Cup. It will also effect the choices of other nations when they decide who they will play in any matches. If our ranking falls down far enough, we will have a harder time convincing the likes of England, Argentina, Holland, Ivory Coast, all sides that we need to have matches against to truly prepare us for the next World Cup; to play us.

Do these rankings mean anything? Hardly, if at all. Should we pay attention to them? A little, if not slightly more. Should we try and move back up the rankings? You bet your ass we should.


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