Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Maybe in 2008?

According to this website, CONMEBOL is investigating the possibility of including MLS clubs in the 2008 edition of the Copa Libertadores.

The translation from is funny at least, but not that great. Can someone do any better?


Blogger AreliusIV said...

Here's my quick and dirty translation:

CONMEBOL is planning changes for the 2008 edition of the Copa Libertadors. The most significant change is the possibility of U.S. team participating in the tournament. The director of the Copa is studying the issue but still hasn't determined if new vacancies will be created for the U.S. teams.

Its a possibility that we are studying, guaranteed the president Nicolas Leoz.

In the case that the U.S. team enter the Copa, the Americans as well as teams from Mexico wouldn't be able to participate in the World Club championship were they to become champions of the Copa. They would be affiliated with CONCACAF and would have to win a different tournament in order to qualify for the Orient (World Club championship).

For the Copa next year, there will not be any drastic change. The tournament will remain the same with the possibility of two clubs from the same country reaching the final as occurred between the Brazilians in the last two years.

9:22 PM  
Blogger AreliusIV said...

Sorry, on second look my translations should say "U.S. teams."

9:24 PM  
Blogger VeNa said...

Hi there fellow!

I'm Rodrigo Venancio from Brazil, and I found your Blog surfing Blogger randomly. Nice to see you US people are aproaching our #1 sports - I can say it's going the other way too, 'cause more and more we have been playing American Football.
I'll be proud to help you out with Portuguese articles - you know we have thousand of them daily - and I hope you can help me understand AF a little bit more!


11:20 AM  

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