Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is the type of match that the USSF needs to schedule.

I was roaming around the many levels of Big Soccer and came across this nice little thread. If you want to skip the jump into Big soccer, just check this link out.

So the Canadians are traveling to Budapest to take on Hungary. That sounds like a really good idea. Why not play European teams in Europe? I am sure that the Canadians will get a wealth of experience from this match.

This brings me to the USSF. I know that we currently are without a coach, seemingly so that Sunil does not take the wind from Garber & Co.'s sails with the playoffs and such. We are all anxiously waiting for about a month from now when Sunil should be telling us that he has found his man and that the USMNT will be getting back in the saddle again.

According to Washington Post writer, Steven Goff, the USSF has a National Team training camp scheduled for January:

"Steven Goff: If a friendly had been scheduled this fall, Mooch surely would have run the team. With his passing, I can't imagine a game will be held. The next event is a national team training camp in January." - The Washington

So the USSF is planning on bringing in a group of guys for training camp, which is a good sign. Most likely this will again be an all MLS group, as MLS is out of season and the rest of the planet (well, most of it) is in season at this time. If we look at how last January's training camp went, we will most likely play Canada and maybe someone else. As the FIFA calendar does not have any official dates listed for January, hopefully this January camp will be prep work for a February match in Europe, as FIFA has designated the 7th as an official friendly match day. A match in Europe would be the right way to go.

Have the MLS players attend a training camp in North Carolina or someplace else on the East Coast. Work for about a total of 16 to 17 days. Have them get about 7 days of training in, play a match against Canada in Columbus or Chicago around the 27th of January. Then break camp on the 2nd of February and head over to Europe. The Euro clubs need to release players 48 hours in advance, so any Euro based Yanks that would be called into service would be able to join the team on the 5th. Have them train together on the 5th and 6th, then play a match on the 7th.

Play a match against Ireland if needs be. Scotland, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark; any of them would be good match ups for a USA team that hasn't pulled the Red, White & Blue on for almost 6 months. Not really that hard to think up.

Watching Euro qualifying and friendlies has me jonesing for some USMNT matches. Hell, play Mexico in the Rose Bowl or Azteca for all I care, just get the band back together!!!!


Anonymous Bob said...

Well, Hungary did lose to Malta recently so the Canadians might have a shot.

I really wonder who is running the show at USSF these days. The long delay getting a coach and the utter lack of apparent direction are disturbing. Hopefully the ship will be righted soon and wasted opportunities won't occur.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

I honestly think that the delay in hiring is a huge smoke screen to allow Jurgen his time off. SUnil says he wants to interview as many people as possible, says he wants to consider MLS coaches and will wait until November for the announcement. All this to give Jurgen his 6 months. The USMNT has a scheduled camp in January...which is 6 months from when Jurgen said he wanted 6 months off. Smoke screen, watch.

7:56 PM  

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