Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alecko fined $250 for spitting on Field Turf.

Alecko Eskandarian was fined $250.00 today, a day after being named MLS Player fo the Week, for taking a swig of Red Bull, then spitting it out on the field right after scoring the first of his two goals against Red Bull New York on Saturday. For Alecko, $250 is probably not that much, it might. The biggest question to be asked is, why the fine? Was what he did wrong? No, he didn't harm anyone on the field. It wasn't like he ran up to a player and stomped on his foot or something.

This is a bad move from MLS. If they wanted to use this type of event to make a point, they should have suspended Alecko for the next match. This type of punishment would have made more an impact on the players in the rest of the league. A $250.00 fine, even with the small salaries of MLS, is not much. A game suspension, that will make both the players and the clubs aware that MLS is not going to take crap like this, even if what he did wasn't that bad.


Andrea Canales wrote a very good article about MLS's past performances in international competitions, on ESPN.com. It outlines the idea that Garber & Co. have that creates a true Interliga between the Mexican First Division and Major League Soccer that would run during the seasons, and have the championship match alternate between the two nations.

I like this idea. I think having MLS teams play Mexican teams on a regular basis will improve the skillz of the MLS players. It will provide a good breather for the league, as playing both in the Interliga and MLS will provide for the players to get different cycled in and out of the line ups, much like what MLS is trying to do with the Reserve league, but being involved in matches with more meaning. This will also give more teams, other than the two previous MLS Cup clubs at the beginning of the season, a different focus for the season, much like how Liverpool decided to focus on their Champions League performance last season at the cost of some of their EPL matches.

Assuming MLS gets this idea off the ground, I feel that MLS and American soccer will benefit from this type of season long tournament. Now we just need to get the CONCACAF Champions Cup to start later in the MLS season.


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