Thursday, April 27, 2006

MLS Salary Listings

The Washington Post has released the 2006 salaries for MLS and I am a little shocked at the disparity. I am an IT Support Technician and I make more money that half the DC United roster. In the scope of global football, these are pretty tame, but in the scope of MLS, these are shocking.

Chivas USA's total salary is $3,604,403.
Houston Dynamo's total salary is $1,898,163.

Chivas USA's 2005 record: 4-6-22, 18 points, 6th in the Western Conference
Houston Dynamo's 2005 record: 18-10-4, 64 points, 1st in the Western Conference

Anyone else think that a refund should be in order from some of the Chivas players?

How can Clint "I need a shrink" Mathis be making $410,000 a year and Taylor Twellman, 2004 MLS MVP, be making below $200,000? No wonder Amado Guevara wants to leave NYC, he probably can't even afford to live there in the first place. I heard a story last season of how Troy Perkins, the current netminder for DC United, was working at a Dick's Sporting Goods until the team made him a full roster member. Perkins makes $29,400 and that is without working at Dick's. How does he afford to even live in the DC area? I would ask for my old job back at Dick's stocking shelves.

MLS wants to increase the playing style of the league, they want to have the league grow. How about they really start paying their players some money, instead of just a few of them? I wouldn't blame Clint Dempsy for bolting across the pond to play in Europe, his salary will at least double if he did. If MLS is really trying to keep American players in MLS, how about they start by giving them enough money to live in the US? They are talking about creating the "Marque Player rule?" How will that do anything other than just create more imbalance in the salary structures?


Blogger I-66 said...

Clint just came from Europe a little over a year ago after his stay at Hannover.

And I think Troy was working at Galyans at the time. One way or another, I'd take a PT job if I was making that much playing soccer -- as long as I was getting paid to play soccer.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, I knew that Clint had come back from Hannover, and to get him to play, they sorta had to give him a real type salary. The thing that shocked me the most was that Twellman wasn't making more.

9:47 AM  

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