Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Summers Curse

I went to Summers Restaurant this morning to watch the Chelsea vs. Manchester United EPL match. It was fun to sit there and watch the match with some 30 other football fans. It wasn't fun to watch United forget how to finish the attack and have mental lapses in the defense. They fell horribly 3-0, are going to be tied for second with Liverpool (but with one game in hand over Liverpool) and to top it off, Wayne Rooney might have broken his right foot, which would be devistating for English football hopes going into the World Cup in Germany, in 41 days.

So why the Curse? Well, I have been to Summers 5 different times to watch a football match. My first experiance was the 2003 Carling Cup final, Manchester United vs. Liverpool. United lost that match, 2-0. I then came back that summer to watch the USA vs. Brazil match during the 2003 Confederations Cup. Granted, they played Brazil, but right after I got there, Gregg Berhalter made the one mistake of the match and Tim Howard was left helpless as Brazil scored. The USA lost 1-0. The third wonderful time I went to Summers was to watch DC United play a home game against the New England Revolution last season. This was the match that Clint Dempsy scored the game winner and did his "Home Run" celebration. United lost 4-3. Fourth trip to Summers was earlier in the EPL season for a noon match between Manchester United and Middlesbrough. Boro destryed United 4-1 and setup the whole Keane "You guys suck" MUtv interview. My last trip was this morning, and I already let you know the outcome.

Don't get me wrong, Summers is a great place to go. They support US football and they have Boddingtons on tap, you cannot ask for more. Well, I can, I can ask the Football Gods to stop shitting on me when I go to their fine establishment and beat my clubs. I like their place and will always be up for going back, just not when I have a football match to watch.

DC United plays FC Dallas tonight at RFK. I will be in the stands watching this one, not at Summers, so the curse should not hold with this match. Update on that match tomorrow.


Anonymous john said...

I beg of you not to go there during the US World Cup matches


11:27 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Everyone be calm, I do not plan on going to Summer's during the World Cup. I will watch all the USA matches at home on my brother's 50 inch screen TV with plenty of beer on hand.

12:26 PM  

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