Tuesday, May 02, 2006


In about 2 hours, MLS knows who they will be able to start advertising is going to play for the US in Germany. It also means the 12 clubs will know if they have been gutted (New England, LA Galaxy, and RSL) or if they have just been weakend slightly (DC, Columbus) for the next 10 or so matches in the season. I will post my reaction to announced side later tonight.

Rooney out for 8 weeks?
There is a report that Wayne Rooney will require 8 weeks to fully recover from his latest foot injury. 6 weeks to heal the fracture, with 2 weeks to get back up to match fitness. This would leave England waiting for Rooney at the Quarter Final stage, which they should be able to get to without Wayne, but it is still a rather large gamble to place one spot of your side on.


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