Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New FIFA Rankings are out.

The USA "fell" from #5 to #16 in the newest FIFA Rankings, which were released today. Brasil are #1, Italy moved up 10 spots to take #2.

16th seems good, as everyone knows that we are not a Top 10 side right now, and undtill we get some quality wins against better sides, we should remain out of the Top 10 for a while. Mexico is #18, so at least we are still ahead of them. I think the reason we are 2 spots above them ins that we won the Gold Cup and finished first in CONCACAF WC qualifying. We get some quality opponents for our friendlies this next year, and win the Gold Cup, we should move up to 14 or maybe 13.

The FIFA rankings are starting to look "normal," but assuming that Brazil doesn't play anything meaningful until 2007 and Italy starts Euro 2008 Qualifications, they might leap frog the Samba's and take first, as the reigning World Cup Champion should.


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