Thursday, August 17, 2006

Learning How to Fall?

I am not sure if anyone watched the MTV Reality Series "Tough Enough." It was about a group of 20-somethings who wanted to become pro-wrestlers and 1 was eliminated per week. I always like seeing the behind the scene issues behind things, so watching how these guys train was pretty cool. One of the first things that the pro-wrestlers taught their students was how to properly fall on their back's. They taught them the proper technique on how to fall flat on their backs to avoid injury. They claimed that the technique they taught them they could fall at the supermarket and if they fell properly, they would still not get hurt.

As DC United are now in the midst of their 3 match winless streak, after going 6 straight matches with victories, I hope that they are now learning how to fall. Which means that they will have to get up and get back on their feet. I did not get to see last nights match, but from every media outlet that has a report, from the Washington Post, to CNN/SI, to the DCenters, each one of them suggested that United were very sluggish and looked like shadows of the club that ran at full force against Real Madrid.

United now have two days to return to RFK and take on the Colorado Rapids, one of only two MLS clubs that have been able to hand United a loss this season. Lets see...last night was the first time this season that United were held scoreless, will this Saturday be the first time this season United lose at home? Hopefully Nowak gives the guys a heartfelt, tender, kick in the ass over the next two days.


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