Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CNN/SI Wahl Article

Grant Wahl has a very good article on CNN/SI.com. The main part is an article on how Clint Dempsey and DeMarcus Beasley both had chances to move to the EPL during the transfer window. The second part is pasted below -

"MLS-Mexican tourney still in plans for '07
According to MLS sources, negotiations between MLS and the Mexican league are ongoing for a 2007 knockout tournament between teams from the two leagues. The mid-week games would be televised on one of the Univision networks (most likely Telefutura).

Although it is not expected to happen in '07, it's hoped that the tournament winner would eventually earn a berth in the Copa Libertadores, the Western Hemisphere's version of Champions League."

So, we have more info regarding this tournament. Not much, but this does shed alot of light on the rumor. Only the two Leagues, MLS & MFL will be involved. Based on this info, I see this being what happens next season -

The Mexican League still has the Interliga, which determines two of the Copa Libertadores spots. The third spot is supposed to go to the club that compiles the best record in the Apertura and the Clausura, but did not win either one. That third spot with be moved to the winner of this new MLS/MFL tournament.

The 2007 Interliga will determine two of the 2007 Copa Libertadores spots, as with the 2006 Apertura and Clausura records. The 2008 Copa Libertadores participants will be decided by the 2008 Interliga and the 2007 MLS/MFL tournament. That is assuming that this tournament does get off the ground.

So, going back a couple of posts, it does look like the situation is being built up for the opportunity for MLS clubs to be allowed to take part in the Copa Libertadores. They will really have one slot and they will have to fight tooth and nail to get that right, but any team that can wade through a knockout tournament made up of Mexican clubs and MLS clubs, should have proved itself worthy of the first round of the Copa Libertadores.

I like this. The idea of a knockout tournament against Mexican clubs alone is one of the best ideas Garber & Co. have ever come up with. Give this tournament 4 years and we will see a rapid rise in the playing ability and skill level of the entire league. Now we just need to get Garber & Co. to scrap the Some Star Game, and we will have a MLS that is truly on the rise.

BTW - go read the Wahl article, Deuce has been royally screwed and MLS has a ticking time bomb on their hands.


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