Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MLS Recycler?

ESPNsoccernet.com is reporting that Toronto FC has hired Mo Johnston as their first head coach for the 2007 season. Mo was fired from the same position with Red Bull New York two months ago. He beat out several other US coaches, including current DC United Assistant Coach Tom Soehn.

Is MLS becoming a recycler? I am noticing it more and more often that MLS clubs are starting to recycle their coaches. Frankie West Coast leaves San Jose and returns to LA. Mo gets the boot by the Big Bull and returns in Toronto. Sigi gets canned in LA, surfaces in Cowlumbus. How many clubs has Tommy Rongen been a head coach for? I have lost count. Ray Hudsen, Bob Bradley, and so on. Bruce Arena must also be mentioned, as he left only to return, to another club.

Frankie West Coast and The Bitter One are two exceptions, as they left clubs on top to manage National Sides, only to return to try and salvage their new clubs.

I am hoping that MLS does not continue to be a league where you only find a certain set number of coaches. How many times can a guy do badly at his job with different clubs can you stop asking if it is the players? I know that MLS has brought in new blood (Nowak) but I am sure that there are more qualified, American coaches out there. What about Sasho Cirovski, the current head coach of the University of Maryland? How about Mike Freitag from the University of Indiana? I fail to even think for a minute that they would not at least be tempted by the chance to take over an MLS club.

You see this all the time in England, Brasil and in Argentina, head coach does well, then does poorly, gets fired. The same coach gets hired by another club, starts well, does poorly, gets fired. Wash, rinse, and repeat. In Brasil you run into situations where the same club recycles the same coach over time.

I would like to see MLS make sure that they do not start falling into this same routine.


Blogger Thomas Shawn said...

What about tapping into European and Brazilian talent. The Revs have Steve Nichol from Scotland and he is doing a bang up job.

You mean to tell me a retired European player/fledgling coach would turn down $$$ in the tax free haven known as the USA? They'd love it here.

Also, the point of all this is to do well in the Olympics and World Cup .... we need to internationalize, big time. Otherwise, footbal will remain a college boy side show or a bastardized form of rugby played by fatsos who wear ABS plastic.

8:37 AM  

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